We believe the developer and client working together is imperative.

Mobile Apps Are the Core of Our Business

Terraform has been developing apps since 2009 and working in technology for over 20 years. Many app developers in Calgary are just getting started, but we have been specifically in the app development business for 9 years now; a level of expertise you will notice from our first meeting. While other local companies rely on website development as their main source of income, we put mobile apps front and center, and while we have the skill and ability to do website and software development, our main focus is app development.

Whether you’re looking for business solutions for your clients and team, or wanting a big creative idea to go global, Terraform has done it all. We are the best app development company in Calgary, and we can help turn your mobile app idea into an expertly developed handheld reality.

Our Story

A Dedicated Local Team

We believe the developer and client working together is imperative. Terraform app developers offer a dedicated local team to work with you, side by side. Having an expert with you every step of the way is critical; they can bridge the technical aspects of application development with your desired outcome, flag issues before they arise, and ensure your needs are being met.

Often it can be tempting to work with an overseas developer, but in our experience the time zone and communication breakdown is detrimental. Our team of app developers in Calgary will take your vision and break it down so we know exactly what you want in terms of mobile app functionality, look, user experience, and back end management. Contact us today to set up a meeting in our Calgary office.

Our Mission

We Break Down Your App Into Modules for an Accurate Quote

Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin. You have a great idea, but don’t know how to hire a developer, if the idea will actually work, or how it all comes together. That’s what we are here for: Terraform has been a leader in app development in Calgary for 9 years, and we have heard it all.

Sometimes clients come to us with only an idea. Many app developers will give you a quote without really knowing what you want. That’s where our experience comes into play, because we break down every detail of your mobile app and give you a realistic cost and time frame.

Reach out to us today for your FREE consultation, and let’s start developing the app you have been envisioning.


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