Trending: 2005 Mark Zuckerberg Video Reminds Us We All Start Somewhere

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This morning an interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is trending, not because of the wisdom and insight it reveals, but because it reminds us all that everyone starts somewhere. And sometimes that place is a beer drinking frat-like office.

The video shows a young Zukerberg in 2005 drinking beer and explaining what Facebook is. It’s amazing to hear what his vision is for the website, and realize how it has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon since then.

Check out the video below for yourself, and spoiler alert, there is a keg in the office.

One thing that struck me is what the equivalent of this could be today. It is absolutely not going to be a website. Realistically, it is going to be an app. Even Facebook is basically an app now, in fact 47% of Facebook’s users ONLY login to Facebook using a mobile device. Also, Facebook’s mobile user base is consistently growing faster than online.

I certainly can’t imagine anyone creating a website in 2016 that is going to revolutionize anything, in fact it seems almost archaic. However the mobile app market still feels like it is in its infant stages. Who knows what new projects created by beer drinking frat boys will go on to revolutionize the way we use apps 10 years from now. And maybe, just maybe, that beer drinking frat boy will even be you.

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