Due diligence at the starting phases

Developing an app starts with ensuring you have the right knowledge about the marketplace and your developer. Often times clients enter into app development without having a clear understanding of the market and development world.

Terraform can start you off on the right foot with expert development from the ground up, or give you a clear picture of where your current app is.


You have a great idea for an app, but how do you know who your competition and user base will be? Leave all the initial research to Terraform. We have years of experience with mobile app planning, and can give you confidence that your app will succeed, and provide clear guidelines on how to get the results you want.

When you hire Terraform for your initial app research we will ensure the utmost discretion, signing an NDA before getting started, and put together a report that will give you a clear vision of the direction you need to be going.


One of the most difficult aspects of being the creator of an app is feeling like your developer is speaking a completely different language.

Terraform strives to break down that language barrier and make the technical process easy to understand. You should know exactly what stage your app is at, and receive feedback and a hands on beta version at each milestone.

  • Testing mobile app code
  • Testing app performance
  • Finding bugs
  • Full report on current state of app
  • Face to face meeting with current developer
  • Financial review - cost vs. what has been developed

Problem Solving

Unfortunately many developers hide behind their technical knowledge and throw confusing jargon at their clients to deflect problems and hide inexperience. We have been hired as a consultant in these cases, delving into apps under development where the client was feeling uneasy about their developer and the progress being made on their app.

Terraform has successfully saved clients time and money by bridging that technical and personal gap between client and existing developer, and giving the client all the power to demand what they need, or leave their current developer.