Building an app is a large undertaking for any business, and choosing the right developer can make or break a project. Over the course of TERRAFORM’s experience, we have been approached by companies and entrepreneurs alike who have had negative experiences with previous developers. Despite these experiences, they still believe in their app and want to see the project to fruition. TERRAFORM’s consulting expertise helps bring these projects back to life by assessing the current standing of the app, correcting the issues, and successfully launching the app to market.

TERRAFORM’s experienced team has completed over a dozen takeover projects from other development companies and in-house development teams. Our experience puts your project back on track.

How it works

Taking over a project that has already begun brings its own set of unique challenges. Whether it’s a web or app based project, there will be issues that we will have to discover and solve to make for a successful launch. Our process takes you through four simple steps to go live:

1. Assessment

TERRAFORM will provide a full assessment of your project as is. We will then use this information to bring you the best approach on how to proceed.

2. Direction

Our team will document all recommended options to launch your project. We will break down each step and provide you with an estimate and timeline to project completion.

3. Development

Execution, simple as that. We take over any previous code you have and finish building out the project to your specific qualifications. Our goal is to provide you with an app that meets or exceeds your original scope.

4. Launch

Your app goes live!

Our team has the experience and skill to take over any project of any size. Whether you would like to rescue or transition your project to TERRAFORM, we will recover your project and, most importantly, ensure you achieve launch to market.

Case Studies

  • Sports Hardware / IOT company: The company had issues to launch their app to the market as it was not ptoperlu communicating the custom communication device. TERRAFORM took over the project, fixed the issues between the hardware and software communication and launched it to the stores (Apple and Android).
  • Babysitting app company: the project started with another Calgary app developer company. After spending 80% of their budget and getting 30% the app completed, the project was taken over by TERRAFORM. Our team assessed the app and CMS, planned the app features to be implemented and fixed, provided a timeline and an accurate quote. TERRAFORM completed the app and launched to the public.
  • Oil and Gas company: the project started with contractors who could not solve app issues when they arose. Stakeholders of the project approached TERRAFORM and other developer companies in Calgary. They picked our team due to our experience with other Oil & Gas companies, planning and organization skills. Our team fully assessed the app, fixed issues found and launched it to the market.
  • Food sharing app: the app project started with contractors that took the client’s specification of the app and started building it. No planning was executed before the app development, so the client had no idea of what to expect. When TERRAFORM took over the project, the app had several issues and was partially completed, the admin panel was not functional and the language used to develop the project was not the most up-to-date in the market.

We have also been working with other project transition and project rescue in the transportation, energy, blockchain and crypto currency markets.

You have a vision.
Let us bring it to life.

Are you currently engaged in a project that is not proceeding according to plan? Could you use a fresh set of eyes and ideas?

If you have a project that you are not happy with, we can help. Whether it’s a consultation from TERRAFORM or a full project rescue, we can provide you with the options you need to get your project back on track.

Whether your located in Calgary or abroad, TERRAFORM is always willing and able to help anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they feel at odds with their current developer.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and discover how we can solve the issues with your app.