Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

  • Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

    The Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) monitors the environment of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in north-eastern Alberta

  • App Concept Overview

    The intended purpose of this app is to allow users to fill out a questionnaire if they detect a suspicious odour in their area. Submissions are anonymous and allow the user to record important information such as the time the detected the odour and the location in which the odour was found. We created a unique mobile application each for Android, Apple iPhones, and also a website to allow the administrator to view results.

  • Technology

    This mobile app functions in areas where there is no cellular or WiFi service and will cache the user’s questionnaire submission until they reach an area with service, at which point the app will automatically submit the survey to the server. Administrators can log into a web portal to view and sort results. They will also be able to generate reports to further extrapolate the data, allowing them to group the surveys and export the results to PDF.