Unicon Drift

  • Unicon Drift

    UNICON is uniquely designed to keep you connected with your campus. You will have instant access to campus events, discounts at local businesses and more. Easily navigate through the thousands of songs available, upload your own creations to the Drift and let it be heard, whether it is Music, Podcast, Comedy or Spoken Word.

  • App Concept Overview

    The app’s primary function is to allow students to stream or download currently playing music from other students sharing on the wifi network. Students can choose from now playing songs or select by user or from a library of saved songs. Additionally, allow users to advertise room for rent, moving, books for sale, post professor and class reviews.

  • Technology

    The Content Management System(CMS) and Application Prpgram Interface(API) will provide support to the app. The CMS will support streaming, file downloading/uploading and storage for media files (library). We will be using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the app. As user growth increases, scaling up will be instant allowing for easy scalability and security.