Tronic Data

  • Tronic Data

    The Oil & Gas web-based platform retrieves data from fracking sensors such as temperature and pressure. With the information retrieved, the platform provides a real-time chart per well, that helps companies to make the right and effective decisions. The system also stores past data to generate customizable reports on pdf or excel, send notifications based on settings specified by the user and manages groups or companies who will have access to each data or chart.

  • Technology

    Group and company management, real-time data and charting, text notification and reports are among the features that were custom-built for the project. Although it seems to be common features they were custom made and robust.

  • Hurdles

    The project started with two simple requests: team management, charting and reports from data retrieved from hardware. As the project progressed, more requirements were implemented to the system, such as live charting, customization of management, charting and alarms. The biggest hurdle was to integrate the data retrieved to accurately generate charts and reports for thousands of wells.