Trail Talk

  • Trail Talk

    Trail Talk is an app that brings the Alberta snowboarding and skiing community together while on the slopes. It’s an easy to navigate mobile app that doesn’t require any registration and allows users to remain anonymous.

    Trail Talk provides a forum that allows users to:

    • Comment on current real time conditions, and best runs for the moment.
    • Alert others to problems, like broken lifts, or big rocks.
    • Make new friends or join in with local activities.
    • Post any lost and found items, your community will help you get them to the owner
    • Brag about your recent accomplishments on the hill
  • Technology

    All locations are sorted by distance as Trail Talk utilizes GPS technology. Ads are functional at the bottom of the app providing revenue. Users can create a profile or sign in with their facebook profile. Posts can be replied to quickly or reported if they are inappropriate.