Trade Tickets

  • Trade Tickets

    Some of the best apps come out of a problem. Terraform developed Trade Tickets after recognizing the need for industrial workers to have many documents and tickets on them at inconvenient times.

    Trade Tickets solves this problem by creating a digital copy of certifications on the worker’s phone. Trade Tickets also provides expiration tracking, and notifies the user when a ticket is going to expire.

  • Hurdles

    Often when workers need access to their tickets they are not in an area with wifi or cellular network access. Terraform created Trade Tickets to be able to function and display all tickets and certifications in offline mode, so they can be accessed when your network is not online.

  • Technology

    Trade Tickets simply accesses the camera on each user’s phone to capture the image of the ticket or certificate, regardless of size. Trade Tickets also utilizes sorting technology to allow search functionality and customized folders. Trade Tickets uses notifications to alert users of impending expiration.

  • Users

    Trade Tickets is used by industrial workers, mostly in the Alberta oil patch region.