Surerus Murphy

  • Surerus

    This app combines multiple elements currently used by employees into a single source. The goal of the app is to increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations by providing an all-in-one tool that can be with employees in the field at all times. With the app, employees can view projects, forms, bulletins, their current location on a map, geotag photos and check alerts.

    Also, project managers can control access to documents, easily organize teams and upload forms and documents into the system and the app.

  • Technology

    The application is for internal use on the field operations. It uses the iPad’s geolocation feature, structured folders and sub-folders and caches data for offline use in remote areas. The user has the ability to view forms, sign them digitally and send it back to the document controller.

    The Admin Panel manages which users are assigned to which project, the structure of folders and projects, the creation of custom forms and the upload of documents that sometimes reach 100MB.

  • Hurdles

    The initial challenge of the project was to build a platform that would help Surerus-Murphy Joint Venture to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that are spent on their pipeline projects. TERRAFORM worked initially as a consultant to assist in solutions to surpass the main hurdles and to build a digital platform, as the client was uncertain about what they really wanted.

    Technology-wise, the biggest hurdle was to develop a custom form builder and a robust folder structure to manage hundreds of documents.