PVA Trainer

  • PVA Trainer

    Terraform was hired by Provision Athletics, a Calgary based personal training company, to develop an app that would help their clients while on the go, and make day to day administration easier to manage.

    PVA Trainer took 5 months to get to MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Provision Athletics have continually worked with us after reaching the MVP to get the app exactly where they envision it, and Terraform has just begun development on the Andriod version.

    The PVA Trainer app allows personal trainers to keep in touch with clients no matter where they are, as well as build custom workouts for them. It has functions for clients. allowing them to track their progress in workouts, and keep track of nutrition goals. The app also provides Provision Athletics with a portal to control the administration aspects of the business.

  • Hurdles

    Provision Athletics wanted to have offline capabilities for the app, in case their clients were in remote locations or working up in camp around Alberta entering data. Terraform was able to develop the app with offline capabilities, so internet access is not needed.

    The previous system Provision Athletics had for creating custom workouts was time consuming and cumbersome. Terraform developed a template that made it easier for trainers to enter information and create plans for their clients.

  • Users

    PVA Trainer is a subscription based app for clients, with free sections and free workouts anyone can use. Its modules specifically for paying clients include upgrades and perks. PVA employees and trainers can access the CMS for internal use.