Goat Generation

  • GOAT

    The client’s vision for the GOAT app was to create a platform that would reduce food waste while supporting local charities. The app allows users to donate their leftover food to be purchased by other users, with a portion of the proceeds going to the charity of the donors choice.

  • Technology

    This app acts as a digital marketplace. Food donors are able to upload food, while buyers are able to search for food options on either a map or list view. All purchases take place within the app through either Stripe or PayPal, and the payment is then split between the app and the charity of the donors choice. Push notifications also update user at all stages of the process.

    Additionally, we built an admin portal that allowed the client to generate operational and financial reports, view and update important user information, view and update non-profit information, and push messages.

  • Hurdles

    When GOAT first approached us, they had already been working with another developer on their app. To take over the project, we had to conduct a thorough review of the app’s initial progress. We had to discover what aspects of the app had been completed, what was and wasn’t working, and what was missing entirely. Our goal was to try to keep the original scope, while working within the budgetary and time constraints of a project that had already received significant investment from the  We also had to work with the coding language that the original developer had begun building the app on, Appcelerator Titanium. This specific language is not often used anymore and was an additional challenge to overcome.