Foveo Care

  • Foveo Care

    Foveo Care is a mental health support app that provides an anonymous forum for people to disclose their fears and struggles, while gaining encouragement from others going through the same thing.

    Foveo Care signed on with Terraform after a consultation and intervention from our team leader, Adrian Kimmitt. Foveo Care had been in a difficult situation with an inexperienced developer, and was at a standstill with development. Adrian provided his services to inspect and test their code, and meet with the developer to find out in depth details regarding the app development. The Foveo Care project then left their initial developer and transferred the project over to Terraform.

  • Technology

    One aspect that makes Foveo Care unique is the ability for users to express their emotions artistically.

    Terraform used an existing 3rd party drawing app for this aspect rather than creating a drawing platform from scratch. This saved the client around 100 hours of development time.

  • Hurdles

    Providing a seamless user experience for those struggling was a major concern. While we always aim to make a flawless user experience in our apps, we took this project even more seriously. We realized the importance of making things intuitive and easy to navigate was a serious issue, as some of the people using this app may be emotionally drained and did not need to hit any roadblocks when attempting to reach out.

  • Users

    Terraform recognised the importance of respecting the sensitive user base this app would have. We had to ensure anonymity at all costs, while still giving users the option and ability to reach out if they needed.