• Fesso

    Have you ever wanted to confess something, yet remain anonymous?

    Gone are the days of writing your deepest confessions in your diary. Now students across Alberta can divulge their most revealing, silly, or just plain crazy secrets to each other, and remain anonymous doing it! Terraform developed this social app for Alberta students to use in a fun and engaging way.

  • Hurdles

    While the application is overwhelmingly positive in nature, it is ranked at medium maturity and posts marked unacceptable are removed. Users who continue to post inappropriate content will be removed from the application and blocked from further use.

  • Technology

    Fesso utilizes GPS technology to organize locations based on the school closest to the user. Terraform used this technology to ensure the school in your location will always show up as the first option on the list.

  • Users

    Fesso is currently available to Calgary students.