• E-services

    E-services connects people offering services, (plumbers, electricians, tutors, etc) with others who are seeking assistance. The app acts as a platform where service providers can create a portfolio to show off their work and gain new business through users who are using the app to find qualified providers. All business is conducted through the app, providing a convenient platform for users to sell and purchase services.

  • Technology

    The app performs all tasks required to be a one stop shop, services marketplace. The app allows users to create postings, search for specific services, upload photos, endorse and leave reviews for service providers, request a quote, create and send invoices and chat. It also includes a payment system, calendar integration, and has push notifications. Additionally, there is also a CMS platform that enables the admin to easily review user activity and edit information in a list view mode.

  • Hurdles

    One of the technical challenges of this project was the split payment functionality. The payment system integration had to split the payment between the payment platform, the service provider, and the app. Taxes also had to be calculated in the transaction.

    Through planning and meetings with the client we designed the right payment and transaction split to all the the parties involved when a transaction occurs. All the steps were documented to make it clear on how to design and integrate the payment tool.