Bid Clean


    The BidClean web application is designed as an all-in-one hub for users to conduct business in all matters related to commercial cleaning. Three different market segments of users can use this website: Companies searching for a business to clean their space, cleaning businesses seeking additional cleaning contracts to generate more revenue and applicants who are seeking employment and want to work for a cleaning business to clean properties.


    The app allows cleaning businesses to bid against their competitors for a cleaning contract. The business that is willing to clean the property for the lowest price will win. This is beneficial for all parties, as companies receive the most affordable price to have their property cleaned and cleaning businesses gain additional revenue. Companies will post details regarding their property onto the website, cleaning businesses will have a fixed number of days to bid on the contract. When the contract expires, the cleaning business with the lowest bid will be informed via email that they have won the contract.

    The web app allows users to upload contracts and documents, bid on contracts, review bid history and tools that suggest starting price points based on specific parameters. There is an email notification system to inform users when there is a new bid, job application or if a contract is ending. And all payments are processed through the web app.

    Also, users can navigate the app to find employment posted by companies.