Lease Locator

Lease Locator started as an Oil & Gas industry based app that used LSD or Coordinates to guide users to locations. This hugely successful app was first developed for Android over a 5 week period, and after great demand was later released on iPhone for iOS. The app has been downloaded over ten thousand times, and has over one thousand searches being processed every day.


Active User Base

Richard Kimmitt

“When Terraform developed the Lease Locator App they exceeded my expectations. The app looks great and functions perfectly. It generates new users and subscribers every day. From our first meeting and through the development stages to the finished product, Terraform kept me informed and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Job very well done”.

Richard KimmittConstruction Manager TCPL

One of the major hurdles overcome during the development stages of the Lease Locator app was generating a very large location database for western Canada, which includes British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. A database loop-up table consisting of over 20 million data points was created, allowing users to find every single location across the region. This database was then converted to LSD, UTM, NTS, and Lat/Long formats which gives it international status.


By utilizing API – native google apps – for the map, it opens using the GPS to pinpoint your location. This responsive experience immediately builds confidence because you can see it working. You can then search for a destination with your choice of formats, and allow Google to give you directions within Google Maps. All locations are stored in each user’s history and can be recalled at any time, making it convenient to compare distances or revisit previous destinations.

Lease Locator App
Richard Kimmitt

“It is amazing to see people’s faces light up the first time the use it. The convenience, time and money saving is impossible to measure.”

Richard KimmittConstruction Manager TCPL


Lease locator is a subscription based app, with over 10,000 international users, and more subscribing every day.

Oilfield Lease Locator App


Lease Locator has had one update, adding a quickstart guide and news to the side menu.

You can download Lease Locator on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.