Mobile Apps for Oil & Gas

Being in Alberta, Oil & Gas is always going to be a part of our business. We have direct patch experience, which means we understand and can anticipate your needs in the office and in the field to minimize problems. We have worked in remote locations with drill rigs, service rigs, camps, plants, and pipelines. Our hands on knowledge helps us immensely when creating solutions for Oil & Gas companies, including these important points:

  • Understandig the requirements and hardware needed for intrinsically safe locations (Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2)
  • Ability to tie into existing 3rd party platforms and systems to improve data management
  • Developing speciality ‘in house’ applications that are not for the public, but used completely internally
  • Implementing bank level industry standard security to ensure all data is safe from point to point
  • Focusing on data protection by implementing in depth auditing logs, supervisor level controls, multiple backups, etc

Our Oil & Gas Projects

We are currently working on a new and exciting project in the Oil & Gas industry. This project is going to completely shift how one company is doing things in the oilfields. The app is an internal project that will save the company time and money by streamlining processes. We will release more details when we can!

We have completed development on two mobile applications for industrial workers. Lease Locator assists those trying to not only locate a lease, but get directions to it. Trade tickets solves the issue of having all your tickets on hand by storing images and expiry dates on your phone.

If you are looking to develop an app for your workers, or for the industry as a whole, contact us today.

Embracing Mobile

Despite the tough times for the Oil & Gas industry, more money than ever is being invested in mobile solutions. IoT is creating a demand for mobile applications across all platform, and technology is replacing the high cost of manpower. Offline capabilities and new services are creating possibilities where there once was no wireless options. Below are just a few of the benefits of industry specific applications:

Field Data Capture – With the advent of mobile solutions, this information can now be delivered from diverse strata of the organisation, to be analysed and relayed to those who need it.

Streamlining Business Processes – Eliminate steps involved with the typical physical paperwork to proprietary applications or Excel spread sheets. Saving time means saving money.

Real-Time Operability – Allow project managers to access data as it is inputted, providing visibility and accountability with the task performed

Maintenance – Enable analysis of problems to be addressed immediately by maintenance technicians

Geo Location – GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets allow for geolocation

Focusing On Mobility

As companies are dragged by the mobility drive, CIOs need to focus on key strategies including:

  • Choosing the devices and platforms, enabling for broad adoption and needed hardening
  • Building a secure environment for mobility and re-architecting the enterprise architecture to integrate mobility solutions
  • Putting into place the device policies and governance to support mobility
  • Developing the mobility solutions, the connectors and interfaces
  • Administering a Center Of Excellence and a delivery model, integrating the 3rd parties mobile and information system
  • Maintaining and managing the mobile applications portfolio
  • Dealing with cultural change within the workforce, and ensuring the backing of management

Developing Oil & Gas Mobile Solutions

At Terraform we understand the Oil & Gas industry, because we have worked in it. We know the challenges that come with working at remote sites and transitioning to new technology. We understand the language you are speaking, and know what tools are required for the job. If you want to forge forward in today’s mobile world by accessing the tools your staff and clients are already using, contact us today for a free consultation. We can give you a professional assessment of your project, and move your business into the mobile era.