Now developing Apps for Apple TV / TVos

It has arrived! Our very own Apple TV (gen4) Developer kit has come in and we are excited to see what we can build for it. While the Apple fan boys will obsess over the new remote and the smooth interface, we are excited about what is happening behind the scenes.

While there is more programming languages to learn, new things to understand, and more hurdles for us developers to overcome, I really think there is some exciting benefits for end consumers. From business solutions, to games, to just having a new channel to reach out and connect with users.

Real World Solutions

Fitness / Health – I envision a explosion of exercise and fitness related options in 2016. Because a large portion of people that exercise at home already use DVD’s and videos to motivate themselves. But by using TVos, they can not have on-demand fitness content and videos, which will really change the way users consume health content.

Music / Entertainment – While Apple will always want to control music & concerts, I think the TVos is really going to break that construct and blow up. Through iTunes Apple has always had a tight control over music, because its really just been a simplistic media player. But with TVos, I see the social portion of Music really pushing the limits in how users interact with fresh music and even live concerts and shows.

Children / Games – While I don’t advocate TV as a way to babysit your kids, I think the Apple TV platform can definitely open the world to children and really bring social interaction back into their lives. Too many parents rely on iPads and Tablets to distract their children, but I image a world where the iPad is just a input device or controller, while the child can have live video calls with other families and children. Just image children having live webchat sessions, talking and laughing with other kids while they play word games or memory games face-to-face with other!

I am excited to see what sort of exciting apps and projects we get to work on in the coming year.