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Total Apps Available on Each Store

This chart does help you make some rudimentary conclusions, but I do not believe that solely quantity determines a winner, as there is many other variables that go into the mix. You also have to consider the hurdles for development, the ease of use for the consumer, ability to promote and get noticed, and most often competition!

All app stores are growing every month, each one trying to provide a better services or experience than the other to gain market share. While each one caters to different markets and groups, the only standard you can compare them is in number of available apps. By having a better understanding of these markets, you will end up being more successful.

Top 5 Industry Leading App Stores

  • Google Play store
  • Apple App store
  • Amazon App store
  • Windows Phone store
  • Blackberry World


The worldwide revenue from app stores (2008-2014)

App store charted rankings

Below I have compiled a easy to understand chart, so you can see the app stores sizes based on number of available apps and the data is current as of September 2015. Also for a extra bonus fun, I also added in how many of those apps are games specifically so you can see what portion of the market games are. *note* Amazon and Blackberry do not have reported game numbers.