Mobile App Marketing and Analytics

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App development doesn’t stop when your programming is complete, in fact some of the most important work just begins. Terraform has significant experience in app marketing, branding, and analytics. We can assist you in putting together a strategy that will set your app up for success, get eyes on your application, and report informative statistics back to you.

Mobile App Marketing

Many marketing processes are transferrable to your mobile app strategies, however some are completely unique to mobile apps. Terraform can help you navigate these unfamiliar waters with a plan that utilizes our knowledge and connections in the technology world.

App Store Marketing

Terraform can help you implement a proper placement strategy for your mobile app within Google Play or the Apple App store. By testing your app, and considering category and competition, we can advise you on the correct path to take. We will help you choose the “sweet spot” for pricing, features and in-app purchases. Through a properly researched balance, and our knowledge of the process, you can expect best exposure while achieving maximum revenue.

Web Marketing

If you only rely on the app stores to promote and market your app you are missing out on more than 80% of your potential earnings! Terraform can help expose your app to a larger consumer base across the proper web channels. Through the right combination of website design, blogs, video, reviews, promotions, and other targeted media outlets, we will dramatically increase the number of customers to your app.

Social Marketing

Your everyday facebook and twitter marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. We will keep you a step ahead of your target audience at all times, and make sure your app is front and centre when they are on the move. Social media and mobile users are a key market, and catering the right content through social channels can greatly affect the initial growth of your app.

Mobile App Branding

Just how important is branding? Imperative.
Your consumers need to know what they are getting with a glance. A logo speaks volumes. A colour scheme creates emotion. Terraform can help you design and implement the branding your mobile app needs across all platforms and channels. Branding is the foundation of your business and needs to be consistent in all areas of your marketing plan – from messages and newsletters to staff attitude.

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With our specific understanding on iTunes Connect, Google Play Developer Console, and the other leading app platforms; we are able to create a strong and consistent brand image that will follow you and create some real brand loyalty. Our goal is provide a solid, recognizable, and consistent brand for your consumers so whether they are searching for your app, contacting your sales team, transferring from iPhone to Android or vice-versa, they are always able to recognize and trust you.

Mobile App Analytics

Using the latest cutting edge tools and programs we can data track users in your mobile app to add valuable insight to your marketing plan. Let Terraform set up tracking, and show you how to use the numbers to your advantage. WIth analytics we can dissect app revenue models, and increase revenue streams by analyzing user habits. We can also attract new users using reports and acquisition channels. We have experience identifying roadblocks to revenue, assessing options and helping you implement remarketing.