Over the past two years iPad and tablet usage has skyrocketed, not only in Calgary, but around the world. Terraform always stays ahead of the trend, and has extensive experience developing apps for iPad and tablets. Whether you are looking at taking an existing app and designing a version for the iPad, or creating a whole new app specifically targeting the tablet audience, Terraform can give you the results you want.

Cost & Timeframe

Often Albertan clients who hire Terraform to develop an app for tablets are looking to redesign an existing project. This can save time and money compared to developing a brand new app, depending on the project, as it’s not being built from the ground up.

Because each app varies so much, it’s best to drop us an email if you are interested in hearing a quote regarding cost and timeframe. We would love to meet you in our Calgary based office and get an idea of what you are looking for. We can then give you an estimate of how long your app will take to complete, and how much your project will cost. Terraform has worked with many Calgary and Alberta based clients on a variety of projects, and we are often surprised at how fast and inexpensively a project can be completed.

Why A Tablet?

Nearly 15% of the global population now owns some kind of tablet, with that number being significantly higher (closer to 45%) here in Calgary, as products like the iPad are still looked at as a luxury item. Although the rapid rate of increase in consumers purchasing tablets will slow, this number is going to keep increasing, which opens up a whole new client base for app developers.

Studies have shown people use tablets most often at home, and regularly use them while they are in front of the TV or in bed. This is important to note when thinking about hiring Terraform to develop a tablet app, as you must consider your audience. Because of it’s size, tablets are used commonly for entertainment purposes, including gaming and watching videos.

Women are more likely to own, and download apps onto, a tablet than men. Also interesting to note is the emergence of children using tablets. One study showed 60% of children play with tablets while their parents run errands.

Differences to Consider

When developing an app for an iPad it’s important to consider the differences between tablets and smartphones. Terraform has been developing apps in Calgary for years, and our experience really shows in instances like this. We know how to optimize apps for larger screens, and take advantage of that extra space. We can make things like necessary font changes for the tablet screen seamlessly.

At Terraform we pride ourselves on making the user experience with our apps a positive one. When redesigning something for a tablet, the user should feel like they know your product as soon as they open it, yet it should be formatted perfectly for that device. We are experts at making apps user friendly on various platforms, and always take into consideration how an app looks, feels, and performs on all devices.

Choosing iPad Or Other Tablets

We have gone through this decision making process with many clients, and can guide you with confidence as an expert app developer in Calgary. Just like you need to choose whether to hire Terraform to develop an app for Android or iOS, you similarly will need to make a choice about iPad or other tablets. While Apple’s iPad is still the clear leader in the tablet market, they have actually lost traction in the market recently, with their sales slowing, while other vendors have grown.

Calgary’s Best iPad and Tablet Developer

Terraform has the experience to deliver a tablet app that will perform exactly as it should, and exactly as you envision. We are the best app developers in Calgary, and will take pride in your project. You will work with Terraform every step of the way, ensuring your project is of the highest quality. At Terraform we understand the Alberta business environment, and are confident if you choose us to develop your app, you will not be disappointed.