Terraform is an iOS developer in Calgary, and has successfully developed dozens of apps for iPhone with clients across Alberta. While Android is evolving at a rapid pace, and should be considered when choosing between platforms, iPhone remains untouchable in the eyes of its users. This brand faithfulness cannot go unnoticed when it comes to development.

Accurate Module Breakdown and Quote

If you are looking into an Apple developer in Alberta, please contact us so we can set up a time to meet and discuss your idea in our Calgary office. We can go over all the logistics including an estimated time frame and cost involved. Each project we have worked on is so different, it’s difficult to give ballpark figures without knowing what you desire. Many of our clients are extremely surprised by how affordable it is to develop the app they envision. Terraform is experienced in developing apps from scratch that are 100% owned by the client once complete, however, we do have some options that are extremely affordable using templates we have developed and own.

Our Past iOS Projects

Many of our clients come to us looking for business solutions. Terraform was hired as the developer for an app to help Calgary based Provision Athletics, who were looking for a way to engage personal training clients daily without needing to be face to face, as well as build custom workouts for each client. We added in a management system that allowed them to control administration and payments from a single portal.

Trade Tickets was developed by Terraform out of an inconvenient need for Alberta Oil & Gas workers to have all their trade tickets on hand. The app allows tickets to be scanned in and emailed at anytime. It also allows the user to enter in expiry dates, and receive notifications when they need to renew each ticket.

Why Choose iPhone/iOS?

When looking at what platform to develop an app for you will likely be swayed by what device you own. But just because you use and like a product doesn’t mean you should ignore others. So what are the real reasons for developing an app for iPhone’s iOS platform? The answer comes down to the value of iOS, and how you can grab onto some of that revenue stream. You can be confident that Terraform is the iOS developer in Calgary to help you navigate through all of Apple’s idiosyncrasies.

Why Apple’s User Experience Matters

iPhone users are addicted to the look and feel of Apple’s brand. In fact, iPhone customers say they are more addicted to their phones than any other smartphone users. At Terraform we have expertise as iOS developers in Calgary, and in incorporating the functionality of the iPhone into the core of your iOS app. This is important when developing your app, because you want to ensure that user experience is ingrained in the features of your project.

iOS Users Spend More Money!

iPhone users have more disposable income than Android users, in Calgary and abroad. This means when you work with Terraform as your Apple developer in Alberta, you are increasing your chances of profitability from the get-go. Apple makes high end devices that come with a hefty cost upfront, which, in a way, narrows and targets your market for you. When you choose to launch an app for iPhone, you are choosing a client base that has a higher income, and a higher level of education.

What all this data gathering really means is that iPhone apps are currently much more profitable than Android Apps. While recent data shows there were almost double the amount of downloads from Google play for Android devices, Apple’s App Store was still 80% more profitable. Those are numbers (and dollar signs) that are hard to ignore when it comes to app development.

We Can Develop In App Purchases

How do you make money with your app? If you choose to work with Terraform as your iOS developer in Calgary, figures show iPhone users are much more likely to pay for in-app purchases than Android users. However, there are many ways to make money from your app.

Terraform has experience as the developer for premium, free-to-play, advertising based, and subscription service apps for many Albertan companies. We can walk you through the best form of revenue for you and your project when we sit down in our Calgary based office.

Apple Users Update Quickly

One of Apple’s major upper hands with iOS is how their users seem to be on-board with updates and upgrades to the iPhone operating system. Over 80% of iPhone users upgrade their operating systems when an update appears, compared to around 12% of Android users.

What this means to you, when considering hiring an Apple developer in Alberta, is that you can be confident when you build for iPhone the users are going to have the latest version of software, and your app will run as it should. When users don’t upgrade their operating systems, and an app is developed for the most recent update, it can lead to crashes and non-functioning features.

App Store Fact

Last year there were over *100 million* downloads from the App Store!

We Know How To Get App Store Approval

One of the downsides of developing iOS apps is the approval process within the Apple App Store. While Google Play allows for very quick turn around time when uploading or updating an app, the process for iPhones is much more drawn out. It is normal for it to take about a week to get an app approved by Apple, and it can take that same amount of time for every update.

While this can be a frustrating amount of time to wait, at Terraform we have gone through this process many times, and know the ins and outs of why an app may be rejected. We have been hired as the iOS developer in Calgary for many apps, and have the experience to navigate this sometimes lengthy process with ease. We are confident that we can address any issues that arise, and get every app approved, every time.

Cost Of Development

Recently an online article made waves detailing how Android apps took about 30% more time to develop than iPhone iOS apps. In our experience the development time is comparable. However, we all know time is money, so when you meet with Terraform we will go over an estimated time frame and cost specific to your project.

We have expertise as Apple developers in Alberta and have worked with a variety of Calgary companies, and will explain the pros and cons of choosing the best platform when we meet.

We Are Local and Ready To Meet You NOW

At Terraform we have an expert team of developers who can make your vision a reality, right here in Alberta. Whether it’s creating a level of ease and organization for your local Calgary business that takes your company to that next level, or putting a grand idea into the hands of smartphone users, we have the experience to make your project successful.

If you are wondering how your idea can change the world around you, contact us today for a FREE consultation, and we can show you.