Game Developers with a difference!

Finding (and identifying) reliable developers who perform quality work, and are ready to start work on your Game Maker Studio project NOW are the biggest hurdles you will face. By working with our experienced team who has great understanding of the GMS platform, your project is going to be completed with an unmatched level of quality and professionalism.

Why Terraform, and not a Freelance Developer? It’s simple: experience and reliability.

Terraform Team Freelance Developers
Experience Over 15+ years Game Maker experience Mostly new to GMS and inexperienced, takes extra time for them to learn things for your app.
Published Published apps already in the Apple & Google stores Minimal or no experience publishing apps, delays your apps launch and success as they run into problems
Knowledge Understands the limitations and capabilities of GMS; alerting you and allowing you to avoid potential problems No reliability
Project Management Extensive management system to keep your project on track, including a PM assigned to your specific project Little to no communication to let you know where your project is at
Time Zone Available Monday~Friday 9am to 5pm & located in North America – available on your time! Mostly overseas on a 12 hour time difference, making it impossible to be productive

New Project

Bring your game idea to life! Call Terraform and we will guide you each step of the way, making the process as easy and as simple as possible. We start with a quick chat to get an idea of the game you are looking to build, and from there we will conduct research to confirm if that idea exists or not. Once that is established, we will give you complete direction on how to proceed. From the development of your idea to making it public, Terraform will not miss a beat!


Stay ahead of the game! Terraform can take your existing GM Game and update it to the newest GMS version. When we do this, we add all new features and all the benefits of the newest system! We make sure that the transition is seamless, merging your old version into the new one, while maintaining the structure and features of your game.

Project Transfer

A Terraform specialty! Have you started a project with a developer, only to find you are not satisfied with the “finished” project? Or, are you in the middle of a project and have realized it’s time to go in another direction, with a new developer? Have no fear! Terraform is here! You don’t have to start from scratch! We have extensive experience in stepping into an unsatisfactory project, and creating an app that you will be satisfied with from start to finish. Our extensive management system will make the entire process simple and carefree for you.