The FreshBooks API was a great idea when it first came out, but with no real updates or improvements since 2013 it is drastically outdated. They still rely on XML for data transactions and do not provide any SDK for mobile app development.


While we recently were working on a clients project, we needed a way to create invoices on the fly from a mobile app. While running into multiple problems trying to work with FreshBooks servers, we reached out to their tech support for additional help. This ended up going no where, and we ended up having to create our own solution.


We ended up creating our own API end point that uses JSON to interpret the commands and communicate with freshbooks.

Apple xCode for iOS

While we implementated this into iOS for this project, you can easily port the calls over to Android if you wish.


Mobile App –> JSON Request –> Api Server (XML POST/RESPONSE to Freshbooks) –> Response to Mobile App


  • Token (email us to request one)
  • FreshBooks (You will need a freshbooks developer account)
  • API Endpoint


If you would like access to our API, please reach out to us and we can generate a token for you to connect with.