Field Service Management Apps are growing

Field service apps are a large part of many companies these days and they have been incorporating mobility solutions more and more over the past few years. Now field service based mobile apps are replacing all the old school paperwork that needs to be filed and reviewed. However the biggest benefit to using these types of apps is that all the information is securely accessible and stored in the cloud, so that it can be accessed almost immediately from the head office or collaborated on with other workers.

Field Service Apps Are Growing Industries

Over 80% of our workforce does not have a typical desk job and that number is growing by the year as more and more companies adjust to the new economic climate and try to be more agile to meet the demands of modern business. With the advent of mobile apps for field service and management based solutions, clearly this is not a trend that is going to slow down anytime soon.

Research (IDC) shows that the world’s growing mobile workforce is expected to grow to 1.3 billion before the year is out. In North America (United States, Canada, and Latin America) alone we have seen the growth of these mobile workers grow near 30 million over the past 5 years to a new high of nearly 210 million workers to date.

The mobile workforce differs from those traditional desk jobs and their needs must also be met utilizing newer and modern technologies such as field service apps that support them and their roles. Studies (Gartner) predict that by 2020, more than 30 billion (Yes, BILLION!) devices will be active, which will support and enable over $2 trillion worth of business transactions worldwide.

Service Leaders Depend On Mobile Solutions

Over 39% of companies have already implemented a field service solution in one form or another, which means the other 61% of companies are falling behind the competition. By the chart below you can see that 58% of established companies already schedule field techs in real time and only 45% of newer companies, clearly there is a solid demand across the board to provide field service techs and support and a system to manage those effectively.

5 Leading Reasons Why Companies Have Adopted Field Service Apps

#1. Staying connected was the number one reason for companies! Workers that spend a large portion of their time in the field have a plethora of paperwork and prep work to complete even before starting a call, and equally as much when they complete a job. By adopting mobile field service apps, companies are able to keep these workers efficient and organized which is a major factor in maintaining profitability. And keeping them connected allows the office to stream line the process and provide faster and better customer service.

#2. Mobile is a standard in most industries these days, and your customers demand faster reaction time and more detailed information on the go. Traditional method are not able to keep up with the needs of your customer, let alone your field works that are trying their best to satisfy your customers with the tools at their disposal.

#3. New technologies adoption are being developed every day and are expanding opportunities of your business…and your competitors on a daily basis. You must adopt these new mobile app solutions and tools in order to stay current and improve how efficient you are.

#4. Customer relationships is key to building long term revenues and reducing the cost to quire new customers by building a strong brand name. By developing a key field service tool, you are able to manage this relationship on a more consistent basis across all members of your team, which will allow you to ensure every customer has a ideal experience while interacting with your staff.

Industries That Already Use Field Service Solutions

The chart below depicts the leading 5 industries and their current adoption of field service apps. A large trend you can see is that a solid 40%~55% of companies already manage their field work with some sort of solution already.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Field Operations

With the increase of mobile workers and the ever increasing growth of field service solutions, your business needs better access to clients, measurable improvement to work processes, and more flexible systems in order to improve your business at all levels in the field.