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Workflow Automation


Creating customer dashboards that augment your data into simple takeaways for your team to action. This eliminates much of the data analysis stage, allowing your team to spend more time resolving rather than researching.

(Data Unification) Cross Sync

Ensure a single source of truth that your whole team can refer to. Reduce confusion, and provide consistency where it counts. Tear down the data silos within your team, and allow for more responsive and proactive decision making by ensuring that realtime changes are reflected everywhere they are needed.

Field Data Acquisition

Visualize and work with field data directly from the site. Eliminate time wasted with manual data management and tedious uploads. Automated workflows can handle the acquisition process and perform filtering, feature extraction, and data sanitization at the same time.


Collaborate with your team in a way that works for your business. Come together over reports, planning and operations, and ensure that all stakeholders can be involved as much or as little as necessary. Improve communication through engagement, and reduce your planning overhead.

Notifications (on demand)

Be notified when, and where you need it. Be in the know about a time sensitive operation, quality assurance, or events as they come up. On demand notifications and alarms give you the freedom to control who is notified, what is communicated, and how it should be delivered.

Data Ecosystem

Capturing & Importing

Stop spending time performing repetitive tasks, and supercharge your team’s productivity. Data entry and importation tend to be unnecessarily costly and tedious. Capture and import information automatically so you and your team can spend less time capturing, and more time making decisions.

Datasets & transformation

Gain valuable business insights by harnessing the power of your data. Turn quantitative information into qualitative information to better help you make decisions. Extract what matters to you and your team so you can achieve the best results.

SCADA / API’s / Data Acquisition

Interface with third-party systems and leverage the power of choice. No need to reinvent an existing service that works for you – many service providers and systems can be integrated alongside our custom solutions for a holistic approach to give you the functionality you need without sacrificing the flexibility you desire.

SAP Integration

Already using SAP in your business – why not continue to leverage its power? Communicate directly with SAP your way. Push past the competition by integrating SAP’s proven platform and enterprise functionality into a unique and customized application for all of your requirements.


Near Real Time

Real Time Reports enables the user to view continuously updated data and to make fast decisions. Save time and money, watch trends and improve your business strategy. Continuously integrate new information into your decisions so you are never out-of-touch with reality.

Charting (Live / Post)

Charts and visualizations provide quick takeaways that can be inferred easily from complex data. See the trends as they happen live onsite and have the ease to review those trends over time. Explore data in ways that were previously impractical, and gain deeper insight into your business.

Exports (PDF/CSV/ZIP)

Have the freedom to export the data as you need it. Be it a PDF to maximize portability, or a ZIP for backup / auditing purposes, we have you covered.


Offline Synchronization

Out of signal range? Synchronize your data before you go out to the field and ensure that you can continue to track your operations even when you don’t have access to the internet. Never be caught unprepared again.


Leverage the power of trust and distributed consensus. Blockchain applications cover a wide array of industrial applications from procurement to sign-offs and can be tailored for your business needs. Implement smart-contracts and manage not just who/what/where but now you can ensure that the how/why are taken care of too.

Internet of Things

Managing SCADA systems and sensors distributed across distances has never been easier. Whether you need to monitor sensors and machines remotely or interface with them for control, we can design a system that provides you with the capabilities to track and manage assets all over the world.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Enhance your perspective and change the way you think about work. With AR/VR your team can interface and collaborate in ways which prove difficult with traditional project management technologies. Work in a way that hasn’t been done before and challenge traditional thinking so you can have the edge over your competition.

Artificial Intelligence

Handle complexity with intelligence and explore relationships like never before. Spot externalities you may have missed in your operations and begin to cut down on the amount of information your team needs to process. Post-processing and pre-processing allows you to get valuable takeaways without pouring in expensive manual labour to get it.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) / Software as a Service (SaaS)

Expand your business and provide your customers self-service options so you can focus on growing your client base. Give them the ease and flexibility of using your services in the cloud and expose only the functionality you wish them to have. Monetize through subscriptions for recurring revenue or choose a different payment style to fit with your needs.

Native Android and iOS

Have access anywhere, and at any time with mobile applications designed for your business. Customized from the ground up, we can help you take your business operations anywhere. Whether you need on-the-fly access, or just want to be kept notified, or you just need a platform for your clients to work from – mobile apps provide you the option to never be out of reach.