Creating Your Ideas: TERRAFORM Named as Top Development & IT Services Company in Canada by Clutch


As a development company, our goal is to assist you in making your ideas come to life. We offer solutions that can help in solving your company’s problem and help businesses reach their maximum potential. Furthermore, we guarantee that we are going to deliver a solution and service that is custom-made to fit your needs.

Apart from development solutions, we have been also working on newer and recent technologies. Some of the notable ones that we are taking head-on are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. 


Our passion for developing and learning has helped us in achieving a lot of our goals. One of which is an award from Clutch. Just recently, their company has released its 2021 leader list of top development companies in Canada, and we are very fortunate to be included in the list.


Clutch, for those who haven’t heard about this company before, is a ratings and reviews platform. Apart from the verified reviews, they also provide amazing information about the B2B market. Looking back on our profile, we are proud of our 4.4 overall start rating on their platform and we vow to improve it this year.


We are very happy and thrilled to receive this award. Working with innovative technologies and helping customers has become our inspiration to keep doing our best. You can expect that we are going to continue this amazing run this year and more. We will continue to develop with purpose, and that purpose is to help your business.


Let’s create something! TERRAFORM is here to help with your development needs. Contact us today and together we can transform your business.