Cool and Crazy Reasons to Pay Attention to the Mobile World Congress

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The Mobile World Congress is currently underway in Barcelona. It’s a massive 4 day exhibition that projects the mobile and technology trends of the future. All of the leading players in Mobile are there right now, and many of them are revealing previews of their latest products and ideas.

Many trends are expected to be pinpointed over these 4 days. Of course, being the MOBILE congress, phones are in the forefront of these trends. Already, just one day in, Samsung has revealed it’s flagship Galaxy S7 with the microSD storage expandable unexpectedly making a return, and the much speculated L5 was unveiled by LG. SO far consensus is the S7 is pretty awesome, and the L5 takes a few interesting departures from the norm with an all aluminum case and massive expansion slot.

But the biggest trend going down at the MWC (and in tech in general right now) has got to be virtual reality. HTC divulged all the details on their headset – including the cost… $799! LG has even thrown their hat in the VR ring with the LG 360 VR headset, and it’s already receiving scathing reviews. To exhaust the point even more, Samsung did their S7 reveal by having over 5,000 people all watch the launch on a VR headset.

Vive Virtual Reality System

Is it just me or is all this virtual reality stuff reminiscent of the recent 3D craze that hit movies over the past 5 years. Remember when we could watch a movie and not get a headache? I’m skeptical that any of these headsets are going to give a true uninterrupted seamless VR experience. And with the cost of something quality being anywhere from $600-$800 to find out, I may just wait until the technology is proven and more than just a fad to invest.

At any rate – it’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of the next 3 days of the Mobile World Congress. Live streaming of the MWC is available on You can be sure that is you pay attention, you will be up on the newest and most intriguing mobile trends of 2016.