Improving Productivity & Client Relations with Mobile Apps

Is your company and industry ready to be part of the mobile future? Your staff and clients are already using their phones for everything from directions to social media, so why not put your business in their hands?

Terraform can help you plan and develop a mobile application that improves procedures on the go, connects you to clients, and gives you the tools to manage things more efficiently.

Terraform has worked with small businesses in Calgary to develop custom applications, huge corporations in the Alberta Oil & Gas industry to increase the productiveness of their employees, and everything in between. We have a variety of options available, including cost efficient models that use existing templates created by Terraform.

We can also assess and advise you on any current mobile strategies you have in place. Contact us with any questions you may have, or schedule a FREE consultation to see how we can help your company see new results.

  • Apps Provide Customer Engagement
  • Apps Increase Staff Productivity
  • Apps Provide Direct Marketing
  • Apps Can Generate Income
  • Apps Make You Stand Out
  • Apps Make Managing Content Easier

Mobile apps allow clients to stay connected when they aren’t with you. People are using their phones and tablets more than ever, and developing an app is a great way to engage users in a whole new way.

Terraform has been working closely with Provision Athletics, a personal training company in Calgary, to create PVA Trainer, an app that allows trainers to be in touch with clients when they aren’t at the gym, and gives clients the freedom to log workouts and nutrition in an easy and convenient way.

We have many solutions and examples for how developing an app could improve the business-client relationship for your industry. Contact us today to see what your company could gain from developing a mobile app in Calgary.

Updates & Re-Designs

Do you have an existing app that needs an overhaul? Terraform can review your existing code and update it for today’s user, and can convert your app to new platforms. We can also work with you to develop a new look and add in new features for any existing application.

Free Consultation

Terraform has been consulting with Alberta businesses for years on app development, and we know how to help each industry develop something that will give the results you are looking for. Contact us today to set up your free consultation. We can help you decipher exactly what your mobile business needs are, and develop an application that exceeds your expectations.

Streamline Administration

On all of our business apps we develop a built in back end – a space that only company owners and staff can access. This valuable tool can help with everything from submitting on-site quotes to processing payments on the go. Back end administration services give you the flexibility to ditch the paperwork and complete tasks without needing to be at the office.