Complex made Easy

With more market adoption over the past 4 years, many people understand the basics of blockchain these days. However when it comes to building on a network, there is still many complex parts. With our hands on experience in development, we have both the knowledge and  experience to help you with your project.

Concept & Idea Exploration

Most projects start from an idea. Understanding how things work, what is possible, and having a action plan is always the first step in creating something. These days a majority of our time is spent discussing ideas and exploring possibilities with people just like you.

Through in depth conversations, we can discuss your idea in detail and dive into the complicated components. With our understanding of blockchain we will be able to quickly identify potential hurdles, validate concepts, and offer alternative approaches.

Mainnet & Standard Selection

Choosing the correct the Mainnet and Standard to use, it one of the most challenges parts of blockchain development still to this day. With the rapid progression of the industry, its not uncommon for projects to switch chains partially through development. This can be minimized by having a more robust look into the project outcomes and having a clearer understanding of the use case.

We can help you choose the best chain to deploy on, and decide what standards you may require to have in place.

Whitepaper / ICO Writing

Having a professional whitepaper of your coin model is very important not only for investors, but also for acquiring developers and gaining market acceptance. The industry has matured the past couple of years and is more competitive than ever. You will need to have a clear message and value proposition, as well as clear explanation of the utility case.

We can create a whitepaper that lends confidence and professional to the presentation, along with addressing the business utility value, while showcasing your teams abilities and experiences.  All of this comes together in a presentable paper that will allow you to start your business.

Specification Drafting

Formalizing the concept into concrete specifications is always a little complicated and has many details to keep a eye on. Keeping a focus on the overall project concept, along with the minute details to create a clear and cohesive spec document takes a team.

We can write detailed specifications documents that server a wide range of audiences, from investors to chain developers. These specifications are usually the most important portion of your project, as mistakes here lead to larger problems down the road. Our team has the ability to foresee these issues, and address then before they have a larger imapct.