Consensus type is Pow (Proof of Work).

Network speed is about 5 transactions per second.

Median transaction confirmation time is roughly 12 minutes.

Average transaction fee is about $10 USD.

Average block time is about 9 minutes.

Transactions Management & Chain Explorer

The most common development work that happens on Bitcoin is to do with transactions and analysis. We can build Chain Explorers, as typically most projects want to have a eye on the network transactions they engage with.

Available Contracts Types

Rather than basic transactions, we also can work with Escrow And Arbitration integration. Along with Micropayment Channel and CoinJoin features can be implemented into your project development if required.

Payment Processing Integration

With more bitcoin acceptance and use, pricing orders and requesting payments has become more common in use.

*note* We are no longer supporting the development of the Payment Protocol as per the deprecation.

Custom Wallet Development

Bitcoin wallets are one of the easier and traditional wallets to build upon. We are able to create a true non-custodial wallet that is independent,. additionally we can develop a custodial platform solutions depending on your needs.

P2P Network

Basic infrastructure deployment and integration.

Validation Nodes Creation & Mining Setups (Operating Modes)

We can help setup nodes either for transaction insight, validation, or mining. Really depending on your project requirements, either a single nodes or a combination of different node infrastructure may be ideal.

Full & Super Nodes – Key components for  running most of the operations you are looking for. We can help set these up in a local environment or remote cloud architecture. Typically due to the server requirements, purchasing and owing out right is more cost effective in many cases.

Light Nodes – A much better choice for operations, typically a lighter validator to reduce operational costs.

Mining Nodes – These are for block creation and earning fees. While this is not our focus area, we have the ability to help get these going.