Mobile App Development Solutions by Terraform Wins GoodFirms Recognition

GoodFirms appreciated Terraform for its outstanding mobile app development & DLT services.

About Terraform


Terraform has been showcasing expertise in developing apps since 2009, and the founder holds experience of working in technology for over 20 years. 


The company prioritizes offering web app and mobile app development services to its clients in both native as well as hybrid languages.


Terraform provides excellent business solutions on a large scale, whether it is for a client, a team of clients, or a big creative idea to make global.


Being the best app development company in Calgary, Terraform helps its clients by turning their mobile app idea into an expertly developed handheld reality.


The panel of expert app developers and technicians assist clients in framing a strategy that will set-up their app for success, providing them with an outstanding app to upscale their businesses.


Terraform has experience of working with clients ranging from startups like Lease Locator Oilfield and medium businesses like Zomongo to huge enterprises like Surerus Murphy Joint Venture. The company also provides services in the oil and gas sectors among others.


The skilled and brilliant workforce at the company has experience of working in project transitions and recovery. The developers at the company proficiently collaborate for projects with startup developers and companies, correcting issues and releasing the app to the market.


Terraform holds expertise in the IT industry targeting app development services along with web & software development, app & web designing, maintenance & support, big data & BI, cloud computing, IoT development services, and excellent DLT solutions.

GoodFirms Research Methodology


GoodFirms is a well-known online B2B organization that connects the IT service seekers to the service provider companies. The talented and experienced analysts at the firm carry out their research process by analyzing the companies that desire to be recognized as a top service provider companies based on three vital parameters, which are Quality, Ability, and Reliability. The companies are further scrutinized by analysts based on their market penetration, client satisfaction records, and overall experience gained in their respective domain. The companies that fulfill all the criteria mentioned above are added in the list of top IT service provider companies.


Likewise, GoodFirms also analyzed Terraform and found the company to be delivering prominent mobile app development DLT development companies. 

Acknowledged by GoodFirms


GoodFirms endorsed Terraform for its exemplary mobile app development & distributed ledger technology development services.

Mobile App Development Services


Terraform holds pride in mentioning mobile app development as their forte.


The company holds experience in developing apps on both Android as well as iPhone platform.


The expert app developers in the company have built dozens of apps for iPhone and Android with clients across Alberta. 


One of the clients has shared their delightful review of mobile app development services by the company.


This development has evolved Terraform to be ranked among the top mobile app development companies in Calgary at GoodFirms.


Distributed Ledger Technology


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is one of the evolving technologies that are becoming an essential platform for businesses to provide new value and expand their operations. 


The panel of skilled and proficient experts at Terraform is always excited about new software technologies- DLT being one of them.


The experts at the firm implement various projects ranging from mining multiple cryptocurrencies to setting up an online ripple portal. They also excel at creating mobile integrations.


The brilliant and skilled workforce at the company vigorously implements logic to provide their clients with new sources of revenue and data. The panel also offers a backbone architecture for all sorts of distributed apps (dApps) ranging from games to data storage. The professionals at Terraform ensure AI integrations form a collective state of knowledge and experience.


With the agile development of IoT, DLT’s provide an appropriate source for devices to engage over the network to proffer a means of microtransactions along with distributed storage and computing power. The trained experts at the company realize that authorization and identity management can also be managed effortlessly through DLT’s. 


The developers at the company create DLT’s that provide a means of automation in the flow of various quantifiable commodities and their transactions.

Specific examples explain the application of DLT by Terraform more clear. 

TERRAFORM and Oilfield Lease Locator: a case of app success.

TERRAFORM has worked with Oilfield Lease Locator app to find a solution to the complicated oilfield mapping system.

Field operations in the oil and gas industry have always used a complicated and proprietary address mapping system. For modern workers used to the ease of Google maps, it became clear to the client that the current system was outdated. Lease Locator team wanted to modernize the way workers found sites in the field to allow them to be more efficient, as well as making day to day life a little easier. 

In order to create the ideal solution, TERRAFORM  – app development and consulting had to figure out what the exact pain points of the Lease Locator users were. The current mapping system was complicated and time consuming, and even after finding the location, figuring out how to get there was still sometimes a challenge. The Lease Locator app needed to make the old system work like a current mapping app. One that could instantly pinpoint a location, provide driving instructions on how to get there, and allow access even in remote areas with no internet service. From identifying these key issues, the solution of Lease Locator was born in partnership with TERRAFORM.  A database consisting of over 20 million data points was created allowing users to find every single location across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Users can search for a destination with their choice of formats, and allow Google or Apple to give you directions within Google and Apple Maps. All locations are stored in a user’s history and can be recalled at any time, making it convenient to compare distances or revisit previous destinations. 

The Lease Locator app has 27,000 active users and hosts over 8,000 users daily. The app was also rated in the top 10 business apps in the Google Play store for Canada in 2018 / 2019.

Goole Store:

Apple Store:

Kicking off 2019 with an Exclusive Award: Terraform Tops Development Industry

As the TERRAFORM team enters another year of helping create strategies and solutions for our clients, we’re excited to share that we’ve earned some recognition for our commitment to creativity and sustained high-quality success. In rounding up the best of the best in Canada across different industries, B2B research and reviews firm Clutch gave TERRAFORM a spot on the list of premier software developers.


Clutch ranks companies based on individual evaluations of market presence, prior experience in the field, and client testimonials, among other aspects of internal operations, so we are very proud to have earned a place among the leading development firms in the country. 


“The award credited to TERRAFORM – app and software developer, means appreciation for our great effort to build our community and business and, to help our clients be successful,”.

Beyond our software skills and client service, here is some feedback directly from customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with: 


TERRAFORM is really responsible and solves bugs and other issues. Because of the third-party provider, we had a bit of a rough start. The project has improved a lot thanks to TERRAFORM’s efforts,” shared one client. “If I ever have a problem, I can call them and they fix it right away.”


Their personality stands out. They’re outgoing, easy to talk to, and easy to follow up with,” praised a second. “Overall, they’ve addressed any questions that have come up. Change orders were also done in a timely manner, which was also good.”


Our presence as one of many strong web development companies in Calgary was also noted by The Manifest. A business news website that shares insight and knowledge regarding different trends and industries, The Manifest stands as a sister company to Clutch with equally rigorous evaluation and scoring mechanisms, so Terraform is very excited to have our range of capabilities highlighted.


Terraform is confident that our legacy of sharing strong, successful software solutions with clients will only continue to increase in this upcoming year and years to come. Given past trends, it’s clear that the number of apps produced in 2019 will only grow. We’re excited to take on new challenges, and if you want a partner for your next big mobile strategy project, our team is here to help.