Apple Wakes Up and Shakes Up the iOS App Store

Apps are HUGE business. Consider this: last year 100 million apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store, and over $40 billion has been paid to app developers since the innovations conception. But all of this means nothing without the marketplace to sell them. And Apple has a giant monopoly on that exact market.

Did you know that until recently the ‘Best New Apps’ section of the iOS App Store was only being updated weekly? I know half-assed food bloggers that update their content more than that! It might not sound like a super big deal, but think about what that meant for the lucky few selected apps. Their product was exposed to millions of eyeballs because Apple only refreshed the list on Thursdays, while thousands of other new apps received zero views because no one knew they existed.


It was discovered recently, and seemingly confirmed by Philip Schiller on twitter, that the App Store has started to refresh the ‘Best New Apps’ section daily. And with this small simple tweet by the Worldwide Marketing SVP for Apple, even more changes were insinuated.

Well hallelujah! Finally someone might actually see the potential the App Store has. This monolithic online marketplace that makes buckets of money actually has the ability to do so much more than it is currently. It’s amazing what a simple thing like updating the exposure opportunities for new apps can do for developers and users alike. Apple has so much power in their hands, and it looks like they may have finally realized that what they have been doing with their App Store is outdated and in massive need of overhaul.

It should be exciting to see what Philip Schiller and the Apple team unveil in the next year with the iOS App Store. You can bet, as avid mobile app developers ourselves, we will be watching.