An app is only as good as the planning behind it. Because of Terraform’s extensive experience as app developers in Calgary, we know what needs to happen before an app begins development. There are two different types of mobile app clients who come to us, those with everything planned to the finest detail, and those with just an idea, and nothing created. Terraform can work with anyone to help develop their app, including the initial planning stages.

Terraform can help plan your app from the ground up, including doing research on the existing market, discussing and sketching out menus and graphics, and integrating the user experience into your app. We will walk you through all of the processes including mock-ups, wireframes, and beta testing.

Having an app mockup or blueprint in place can also help you get investors on board, or present your app to clients in a professional and visual way. This makes you look credible, and helps gain trust and funds to begin your app development.

However, if you want to take on the planning phases yourself, we have created a free report that guides you through the steps to get your app ready for development. Just follow the easy processes we have outlines, and you will be ahead of the game when you bring your app to a developer.

Every app requires a different level of planning. Contact us today for your FREE consultation, and we can go over all the details with you, including an estimated cost and time frame. There is no obligation to use our services, but we are confident that once you meet with us you will see why we are considered the best app developer in Calgary.

Before developing apps in Calgary, Terraform’s team leader, Adrian Kimmitt, was developing apps in Las Vegas. Check out the video below to get to know Adrian a bit better, and learn about App planning. In this quick video he discusses mobile app mockups, and how he can save you thousands of dollars in your app development: