Terraform has been expertly developing Android apps in Calgary since 2009, and has successfully released dozens of apps for the platform. We believe, contrary to what Apple might want you to think, if you are looking at launching on only one platform, Android is the best option.

We Provide A Module Breakdown and Accurate Quote

Terraform’s Android app development history is extensive, and our experience working with clients in Calgary and across Alberta means we deliver your app as quick as we can for the best price possible. Because every project is so different, it’s difficult to give estimates about how much yours will cost to develop and how long it will take.

If you are interested in working with us, contact us so we can set up a meeting to discuss your idea. Many people are surprised at how affordable it can be to develop an app right here in Calgary. Terraform even has some options using pre-built templates that we own, which if suitable, brings down the cost of your app greatly.

Our Calgary Based Android Projects

Terraform was the developer for Lease Locator, an app created for the Alberta Oil & Gas industry that, among other things, locates leases, remembers past searches for easy location retrieval, and offers driving directions to the lease location. This app was developed in Calgary to help Albertan workers get to site, a common issue in remote areas, and we also extended coverage to Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Fesso is an anonymous social app Terraform developed for Android that allows students in Alberta the opportunity to ‘fess up’ and spill the beans about whatever they need to clear their conscious of. All Calgary schools are represented, and the closest school to the user shows first in the school list. It is a profile based app that allows commenting, replies, reporting of abuse, and is formatted for one handed functionality.

We Have Extensive Android Experience

If you are looking at hiring an Android developer in Calgary for an app, you are likely trying to decide between either an iOS or Android platform. Apple’s powerful marketing may lead you to believe it is the leader in the smartphone market, however the reality is Android dominates in smartphone sales, with recent numbers showing a shocking 84.7% command of the market share compared to just 13.1% for Apple.

Why Unique Android Features Matter

You may have heard Samsung users scoff when iPhone came out with the ‘revolutionary’ big screen on the iPhone 6 plus. They had been using a big screen for ages, and been teased relentlessly for it! While it’s certainly not the first time a successful company has taken an existing product and tried to improve upon it, Android users had a point. But Android isn’t just ahead of the curve when it comes to screen size. Motorola recently released a model decked out with a shatter-proof plastic to replace the glass screen, and a new LG model not only has two cameras (one for wide angle photos), but also two screens! These are features that are over and above the convenience of standard removable storage capabilities and wireless charging.

What this all means to you is Android is not backing down from the smartphone market, in fact they are constantly evolving, and will continue upping the game for the foreseeable future. You could be part of that revolution with your app, developed right here in Calgary, and Terraform can help you get there.

Android Apps Reach A Wider Audience

One of the main reasons Android is eclipsing every other brand is affordability. With so many devices and price points, Android caters to a much wider client base. This used to be seen as a deterrent for app developers, with the thought that people who could afford more expensive phones would buy more apps, however numbers show more apps are available on Google Play than Apple’s App Store, and more android apps were actually downloaded from Google Play than from Apple’s App Store. With Terraform working as your own Android app developer in Calgary, we can guide you through any questions you may have about these nuances.

Not only is Android more affordable for it’s users, but it is more affordable for developers wanting to gain revenue through advertising. In comparison to Apple iOS, Android advertising costs much less. This means you can reach a larger and wider audience, in Alberta and beyond, for the same amount of money as you would have spent on iOS advertising. 2015 marked the first time Android ad revenue topped that of iOS’; yet another sign of the platform’s growing market.

Android Fact

There are over 2 million apps available to download in the Google Play store!

We Get Published on Google Play

Developing an app for Android is made extremely appealing because of how user friendly Google Play is for creators. After initially loading an app to Google Play it can be ready for users to download within a few hours, compared to weeks with Apple’s App Store. This works well for uploading bug fixes and new versions, because you can respond quickly to users concerns and provide updates quickly if needed.

There is also an option in Google Play to upload alpha and beta versions of your app, releasing it only to specific groups. This feature allows you to test out your app with a gradual roll-out before going worldwide with it. It also allows you to test out updates for crashes and bugs before making it available to all users. The possibilities are endless for this, allowing you to release to users only in Calgary or Edmonton, users of a certain demographic, or even just your core team for a trial run. As a highly experienced app developer in Alberta, Terraform can guide you through all of these decisions.

The Future: Near Field Communication

NFC is a basic function in Android phones; Apple only jumped on-board with the technology in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with the launch of Apple Pay. While many people think of the technology as only existing as the chip in their credit card, used to tap for purchases at your local Calgary grocery store, Android has been utilizing NFC for years. Android’s expertise and accessibility will continue to propel Android forward, as the possibilities for the technology are only as limited as your imagination.

At Terraform we will work with you locally here in Calgary to develop the app you have envisioned, utilizing the latest technology. Developing for Android allows us to go further than ever before because the Android technology is consistently exceeding other platforms.

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For all the above reasons, Terraform firmly believes the Android platform should be your first choice for app development, and we should be your first choice for an Android app developer in Calgary. We can help you achieve the function, look, and performance that you desire in an Android app, whether it’s to streamline your local Alberta business workflow, or introduce a whole new way of socializing to people in Calgary. Contact us today to get started on your app development.

Android Fact

Did you know: A specific review can be highlighted on an app’s landing page in Google Play.