8 Ways to Acquire App Users

App User

With thousands of mobile apps competing for a user’s attention, how does yours stand out from the crowd?
Acquiring app users can be tricky, but if you set yourself up for success, and make a game plan, you will be prepared for the business of marketing, and feature your app to a very captive audience.

Beta Launch and Pre-Launch Users

Do not expect things to be perfect at the start. Once you are ready to launch your mobile app, do so on a beta platform, and get feedback from your users. This is some of the most important knowledge you can gather, so pay attention and transfer that information for future app users. Have a large mailing list of possible app users ready, so at launch time you have eyeballs on your product. Create social channels ahead of time, and invest in growing your following.

Fake It

If your platform requires interaction, and a user downloads your app and finds nothing going on, they will not invest their time. Creating the in-app activity to begin with is not uncommon, in fact some very big names in the online world, including Reddit, did just that. Spend the time making that interaction interesting and valuable to the user, and you will not only acquire more app downloads, but user loyalty.

Narrow Down Your Target

Start your marketing campaign on a micro audience. Many successful apps or platforms began with a niche market or area. Don’t feel like you need to be worldwide from the get go. Focus on acquiring app users in a very specific section, respond to that growth when needed, and adapt your strategy from there.

Content Marketing

Blogging increases your visibility online and brings people closer to your product. It creates awareness of your brand and can make you be seen as an active resource. Don’t get lost in only writing about your product. Target your market and give content they would be interested in. You never know what possible new user you will draw to your app with interesting relevant posts.

App Design and Performance

You can not underestimate the importance of the user experience within your app. The look and feel must be seamless. Acquiring app users with a buggy or counter-intuitive interface is almost impossible. Invest time in finding the right developer, and plan all aspects of your app before starting development.

Social Media and Organic Marketing

Word of mouth and a natural excitement in your user base is imperative to an app. Make it easy for people to share your product by adding an easy rating feature and share option within your app.

Paid Adverts

Acquiring app users requires paid advertising. Extend your marketing over a wide variety of networks, not just one or two areas. Think about not only paying for adverts on social media, but also creating a feature video, or acquiring an endorsement. Be broad at first, because different networks are going to speak to different people.

App Analytics & Tracking

It is imperative to track and follow your user’s habits. Get to know your users likes and dislikes. Adjust your strategy based on this data. Improving your platform will not only help you acquire more app users, but keep them engaged.

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