Mobile App and Website Development Portfolio

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We have been notified that two separate development companies have been using one of our apps in their portfolio, portraying it as their own. Please ensure you do your research when hiring an app developer. The apps a developer claims as their own should be displayed on their website, and be under the company name in the app store. If they are excited to show you the app, the developer should be more than happy to provide a reference, and this person should confirm they did in fact develop that app.

Web Design
Foveo Care
A mental health support app for Android
PVA Trainer
A personal training app for iPhone
Trail Talk
An social iPhone app for hitting the slopes
Oilfield Lease Locator
An industrial app for iPhone and Android
Mobile App Website Development
Show off your app online
Trade Tickets
An iPhone and Android app for ticket storage
Booty Call
A virtual black book for iPhone
An android app for confessing your secrets
Weera Thai
Restaurant app for iPhone & Android
Twoozy Surveys
iPhone app for creating customer surveys
Financial Planning Field Manual
iPhone and iPad financial planning app