Mobile App Development – Checklist

Developing your own app is not an easy task there’s about 1 million different things you need to manage in orderly at the project completed correctly. My hope here is that I can give you a detailed checklist with some more information on each section help get you started.

I created this checklist to work for all types of industry no matter how you are getting a mobile app developed.  The three main categories or types of developers are going to be:

Outsourcing (or Freelancers)

Whether they are in your same city or across the world is practically the same. While you expect they may have the experience to complete the project and provide you with a finished product, most of the time they are only experienced in one area and will rely on you to complete and fill any gaps in a project. Typically this is a lot of babysitting on a step-by-step basis during the project.


This is where your hiring stuff on a monthly basis whether are our local office or remotely. It is expected that your company provides overall direction and the developer provide specific tasks. This requires that you have a lot more education an understanding of the industry to give technical direction.


This is where you find a professional firm that has the experience and portfolio to complete your project. Your expectations are that they will handle absolutely everything from start to finish and provide you with a finished, and published product. They will have a broad set of technical expertise to cover everything that is involved in the project.

Pre-Development – Before you even get started
  • Mockup / Wireframe

    List Content goes here

  • Feature List

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During Development – Important things while building