Mobile App Branding

Branding is not just about a fancy logo and a cool tag line, it must be rooted in the foundations of your business through your messages and your staff!

Many companies are not able to see the disconnect and separate among their consumers, and do not realize that their customer base is slowly fracturing and loosing momentum. With our specific understanding on iTunes Connect, Google Play Developer Console, and the other leading app platforms; we are able to create a strong and consistent brand image that will follow you and create some real brand loyalty.

We have a specific set of notes and standards to meet, that we have built up over the past 3+ years that allows us to create consistently structured branding across all your projects and platforms. This helps ensure that your app is represented from start to finish as a single entity. Additionally we have consulted with many clients to help them build their brand starting directly from their staff and content.

Our goal is provide a solid, recognizable, and consistent brand for your consumers so that whether they are searching for your app, contacting your sales team, transferring from iPhone to Android or vice-versa, they are always able to recognize and trust your brand.

We are able to provide guidance and complete solutions to ensure your brand sticks out and leaves a mark.