Tinder’s New Feature Takes A Creepy Turn

Tinder has a new feature that reveals they know a lot more about their users than they let on. The new algorithm is turned on by a toggle switch called ‘Smart Photos‘. It then begins testing photos, alternating through them, to see which one gets the best results. In testing this has ended with up […]


Hinge Just Transferred Existing Users to Their New App

Hate your existing app but don’t want to lose your user base by developing a new one? No problem! Hinge, a Tinder-like dating app that followed the swipe left or right format has just launched Hinge 2.0 – which is completely different than the original concept. It’s now about relationships, commitment, and a paid subscription… […]

robinhood gold

Launch of Robinhood Gold Reveals Important Lesson

You do not have to monetize a mobile app immediately. In December of 2014 Robinhood, a stock trading app, launched on the market promising to never charge commissions. Nearly two years after their successful foray into the app world, and around 1 million users, they have announced a new premium feature called Robinhood Gold, which […]


Location Sharing App Gets Huge Investment from Benchmark

If you think Google Maps and Facebook have the lock down on digital maps and location sharing, think again. French company Zenly just confirmed they have received $22 million in series B funding, largely in part from American angel investors Benchmark. The money is going to be used to open an office in San Francisco […]


Driver’s Education App Raises $4 Million in Funding

Now more than ever people are wanting the convenience of doing what they want, whenever they want it. Online and app courses are gaining widespread popularity as people adjust to work and learn from home attitudes, and thanks to one mobile startup, this mentality now applies to driving education.

payments on smart phones

Most Popular Mobile Payment Methods In Canada

A new consumer report put out by Technology Strategies International reveals the top contactless payment methods Canadians are using when making purchases through their phones, and they might surprise you. In TSI’s study almost half of respondents didn’t have a payment app installed on their phone at all, and out of those that did many […]

How Mobile Apps Benefit the Restaurant Industry

Food. It is shared, photographed, raved and ranted about, and searched endlessly online. But the internet is shifting into our hands more and more every day. In North America over 89% of mobile internet usage is through apps, and 90% of a mobile user’s time in general is spent in apps! This is staggering, and […]

android marshmallow

Shocking Android Marshmallow Adoption Rate

Six months after launching Android Marshmallow is still struggling to be adopted by it’s user base. In fact latest reports show a staggeringly low 7.5% of users are running the newest version of the operating system! Android notoriously has issues getting users to adopt new OS versions, and this causes many problems when planning to […]

Nokia 3210

50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time

This morning Time released a list of the 50 most influential gadgets. The list is comprised of things we couldn’t live without, things that changed the way we viewed the world around us, and even gadgets that were never successful but made an impact regardless. Here are some of our highlights from the list – […]