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Most Popular Mobile Payment Methods In Canada

A new consumer report put out by Technology Strategies International reveals the top contactless payment methods Canadians are using when making purchases through their phones, and they might surprise you. In TSI’s study almost half of respondents didn’t have a payment app installed on their phone at all, and out of those that did many […]

android marshmallow

Shocking Android Marshmallow Adoption Rate

Six months after launching Android Marshmallow is still struggling to be adopted by it’s user base. In fact latest reports show a staggeringly low 7.5% of users are running the newest version of the operating system! Android notoriously has issues getting users to adopt new OS versions, and this causes many problems when planning to […]

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10 Questions to Answer Before Developing a Mobile App

Can you explain your app in 30 seconds? If the premise is too complicated, try to narrow the focus. You can always expand your mobile app, or develop a new one, once the main aspect takes off and you gain a user base.

App User

8 Ways to Acquire App Users

With thousands of mobile apps competing for a user’s attention, how does yours stand out from the crowd? Acquiring app users can be tricky, but if you set yourself up for success, and make a game plan, you will be prepared for the business of marketing, and feature your app to a very captive audience.

Android versions market share

The most recent numbers as of September 2013 are in. With over 36% of users on Jelly Bean and 21% on Ice Cream Sandwich, you can see the move of the market over the past year. Most people are getting rid of their older devices and moving over to newer and more upgradeable devices. There is some new features in these newer versions, but the main thing you need to focus on it device hardware and your app performance. With the majority of the market in newer more powerful devices, we can push apps to do more and demand more from devices which still providing a very good user experience.