Services Offered

  • New App Development
    We can build on all major platforms – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.  Also we can fully support any smartphones, and tablets including iPads.
  • Backend / CMS
    Content management systems that let you control your content and user base.
  • Existing App Updates
    We can take your existing apps, upgrade them, refresh the look, add new features, etc. Additionally if your current app has bugs or problems, we can fix these correctly for you.
  • Marketing & Branding
    We can help with marketing campaigns, branding, social media, and a wide assortment of other services that will have get your app noticed.

 Start to Finish

Some developers will just make your project and send you the source files, leaving you to try to get it published. Apps Las Vegas personally has developer/publishing accounts with Google and Apple, and can make sure your project is completed and published directly into the market.

 iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Apple is usually where most people want to get their app published first. Whether you want to develop only for the newest iPhones, or if you want something more flexible that will be backwards compatible with older versions as well, we can find the perfect solution for you. Also, converting an app designed for iPhones to work on the iPad also is usually just a minor and quick modification in layout and graphics. Your possibilities are endless!

 Android (Phones, Tablets)
Keep an eye on Android, due to the quick market growth and flexibility of their platform. Apps Las Vegas can develop applications for all versions of the Android platform. Keep in mind currently over 50% of users are currently running older Android versions (ICS 4.0 and lower), but only 36% have the newest version (Jelly Bean or newer).